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Easy Beer is a beer/grill restaurant, with a concept very similar to the one in Easy Wine. You don’t need to wait for the waiter, to get your glass of beer, but you can pour it yourself, with a help of a special magnetic card. You can pay for the consumed beer afterwards, and what is more important, you don’t necessarily have to drink a whole pint of beer, that you didn’t like, because you can always pour just a couple millilitres, just to be sure that this beer was a right choice, and our beer sommelier is always there to help you with the right choice.

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When it comes

to food

We love food, and we are taking it serious.
Easy beer is an old classics with a little modern twist. Reimagening the grilling mastery in new way, complimenting it with passion and pride to our craft, we are trying to give our guests never seen culinary experience.

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When it comes

to beer

Beer is more than just a drink. We consider it to be a good friend, that is always there for you. When it’s a hot summer day a beer can be refreshening, or it can warm you up, during the long cold winters. Here, at Easy Beer, we can satisfy any beer wishes.

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Final Stage



SIA EASY WINE ir noslēdzis 2017. gada 11. maijā līgumu Nr. SKV-L-2017/256 ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru par atbalsta saņemšanu pasākuma “Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana” ietvaros, ko līdzfinansē Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonds